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Weight Loss Tips is a site that provides scientifically proven information and non-invasive techniques for learning purposes only. This site was not envisioned as a diagnosis and prescribing center for medical or acutely ill patients. If you are battling serious medical conditions whether it is related to diet or fitness, the Weight Loss Tips team strongly recommends you consult a doctor before using any technique provided by our site. Neither the site nor its staff will provide any medical assessment and prescription. Anyone using our site will automatically be considered in agreement with our terms and conditions.

This site was established to provide handy and useful techniques to adults in achieving their goal of dieting. The information provided is not for under 18 people, pregnant women or breastfeeding women, people with eating disorders or underweight people, or any health-related issue that need a special diet. The accuracy of the information & techniques provided is not guaranteed and the author or publisher at this site (Weight Loss Tipscannot be held responsible for any errors, emission & mistakes if there is any. It is the responsibility of the reader to check the reliability of the article from a professional source. The site, its owners, distributor & participants disclaim any responsibility whatsoever related to the techniques, methods & products recommended or provided or sold.

We recommend all our readers consult a practitioner before starting any weight loss program. It is better to start slowly from a very basic program. Starting slowly and then gradually increasing the intensity of the program. We urge visitors to start with safe exercise but still if you feel any kind of alarming symptoms consult a doctor at once.

All the material provided by the site is the property of Weight Loss Tipsits owners & participants and cannot be used by anyone without any formal on-paper permission. All the information on this site cannot be considered a point of reference as it may not be accurate and it is your responsibility to confirm its reliability of it before using it anywhere.

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This statement explains the methodology, working, and user privacy guidelines that are practiced by https://neweightlosstips.comWe assure you with the utmost sense of responsibility and commitment that we will not sell, use and share information provided by any individual for any purpose. We value our visitors & their privacy and respect it by protecting your name & email address in the best interest of our respected customers.

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We have also collaborated with some behavioral advertising companies. These companies serve ads and do gather some identifiable data of non-personal nature like what you search for to enable them to display advertisements that are of more interest to you on other websites. In order to bail out of this use and collect more information about “behavioral advertising”, please visit the Network Advertising initiative’s opt-out link http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp

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We respect copyright law and other website material that is the sole property of respected owners. Images if used not created by us, we mentioned its reference website ownership at the bottom of every article.

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